Canning with Lucy
by Lucy James
Sea Salt ~ The Life Saver!!!
6 good reasons
for using Sea Salt
for canning or cooking

Sea Salt helps prevent:
1. Congestive heart failure
2. Heart disease
3. High blood pressure
4. Kidney disease
5. Stroke
6. High arterial pressure
Canning for your health and survival

Most Americans get far too much salt in their daily diet and the need to cut back the salt is imperative.

Your kidneys excreat the salt you don't need for a healthy body.  If you ingest too much salt, your kidneys can't eliminate enough so the salt accumulates in your blood.

Salt also attracts and holds water.  Your blood volume increases and makes your heart work harder to move through your blood vessels, which increases pressure in your arteries.

So if you like a
little salt for flavor,
why in the world
would you NOT
use Sea Salt
With the rising food prices, we are always looking for another way to save on our grocery bill.  In order to eat healthier, fresh food is essential & fruits, vegetables and meat are the largest expense in the grocery stores.

Canning will help you save money and beat the high prices of the future.

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